The Secretariat

The Commission on Investing in Health Secretariat is dedicated to leveraging evidence from the Global Health 2035 report and generating new analyses to engage and inform decision-makers, researchers, and advocates in global health.

The Secretariat is co-led by The Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco; the Duke Global Health Institute at Duke University, and SEEK Development.

Duke Global Health Institute

Gavin Yamey *

Professor of the Practice of Global Health

UCSF Global Health Group

Richard Feachem *

Professor of Global Health and Director, The Global Health Group

Dean Jamison *

Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco

Naomi Beyeler

Policy Program Manager

Sara Fewer

Policy Program Manager

Sam Manning

Research Analyst

SEEK Development

  • Christina Schrade, Director
  • Sabine Campe, Associate Director
  • Stephan Exo-Kreischer, Consultant
  • Marco Schäferhoff, Associate Director
  • Emil Richter, Consultant
  • Elina Suzuki, Consultant
  • Raimund Zühr, Consultant

Partner Organizations

Results for Development Institute (R4D)

  • Robert Hecht, Managing Director
  • Helen Saxenian *, Senior Consultant
  • Nathan Blanchet, Program Director

Disease Control Priorities (DCP3)

  • Stéphane Verguet, Senior Health Economist

* CIH Commissioner