Policy Reports & Briefs

Investing in Health: The Economic Case

November 29, 2016
Report of the WISH Investing in Health Forum 2016
Dean Jamison, Gavin Yamey, Naomi Beyeler, Hester Wadge

Bellagio Workshop on Implementing UHC

See summary of the Bellagio Workshop on UHC Implementation for more resources

Implementing pro-poor universal health coverage

December 11, 2015
Lancet Global Health
Participants at the Bellagio Workshop on Implementing Pro-Poor Universal Health Coverage: Jesse Bump, Cheryl Cashin, Kalipso Chalkidou, David Evans, Eduardo González-Pier, Yan Guo, Jeanna Holtz, Daw Thein Thein Htay, Carol Levin, Robert Marten, Sylvester Mensah, Ariel Pablos-Méndez, Ravindra Rannan-Eliya, Martín Sabignoso, Helen Saxenian, Neelam Sekhri Feachem, Agnes Soucat, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Hong Wang, Addis Tamire Woldemariam, Gavin Yamey

Policy Report: Implementing Pro-Poor Universal Health Coverage, Lessons from country experience

December 2015
Gavin Yamey and David Evans, on behalf of the Bellagio workshop participants

Practice Brief: Implementing Pro-Poor Universal Health Coverage, Lessons from country experience

December 2015
Gavin Yamey and David Evans

G7 and Global Health

Global health on the G7 agenda: Policy options to achieve the Global Health 2035 goals

April 2015
This "policy options" paper builds on the CIH's evidence to identify four policy recommendations for the G7 and Germany to help achieve dramatic gains in global health. For each recommendation, this paper highlights concrete opportunities and evidence relevant to the three stated health priorities of the German government and the G7 (neglected tropical diseases, pandemic preparedness, and antimicrobial resistance).

Global health on the G7 agenda: Priorities for international collective action

January 2015
This policy brief presents the vision of Global Health 2035 and evidence on the G7's health priority areas (neglected tropical diseases, pandemic preparedness, and antimicrobial resistance).


Investing in health in Myanmar: How can the country reach grand convergence and pro-poor universal health coverage?

January 2016
Outlines a set of high impact opportunities that Myanmar can pursue to dramatically improve population health and achieve a grand convergence.


Sweden's development assistance for health – Policy options to support the Global Health 2035 goals

November 7, 2014
A report commissioned by the Swedish Expert Group for Aid Studies on opportunities to align Sweden's health aid with global priorities and needs.


Returns on investing in health in India

November 2014
Outlines specific tools and financing investments for India to achieve convergence, and the economic and health returns on these investments.

Sustainable Development Goals

Economists’ Declaration on Universal Health Coverage

September 18, 2015
The Lancet
Lawrence H. Summers
Appendix – list of declaration signatories

Premature deaths could be reduced by 40% over next 20 years

October 2014
A summary of an article in The Lancet (Ole Norheim, Richard Peto et al) suggesting that the world could reduce preventable deaths by 40% by the year 2030.

Quantifying SDG3 by modeling the scale-up of existing health interventions, delivery systems, and new technologies

October 2014
A call to action to design a measurable, evidence-based Sustainable Development Goal for health based on Global Health 2035 modelling.

Report overview & briefs

Global Health 2035: Report overview
( French | Spanish )

Summarizes the four key messages and findings of the Global Health 2035 report.

Achieving a grand convergence in global health
( French | Spanish )

Policy brief #1: Lays out opportunities for both national governments and the international community to support the achievement of the convergence goals.

The returns to investing in health
( French | Spanish )

Policy brief #2: Uses a full income approach to estimate the returns to investing in health for low- and middle-income countries.

Curbing non-communicable diseases and injuries
( French | Spanish )

Policy brief #3: Outlines a package of cost-effective, population-based and clinical interventions that could reduce premature illness and death due to non-communicable diseases and injuries.

Opportunities for low- and middle-income countries

Policy brief #4: Lays out the investment framework for national governments to meet the goals of a grand convergence, curbing non-communicable diseases and injuries, and achieving universal health care coverage.

Opportunities for the international community
( Arabic )

Policy brief #5: Identifies key opportunities for international collective action to support a grand convergence, major reductions in non-communicable diseases and injuries and the promise of universal health care coverage.