Report Overview & Briefs

We have summarized the key messages of Global Health 2035: A World Converging within a Generation in a Report Overview and a series of short policy briefs aimed at a broad policy audience.

The Overview of the Report (French | Spanish) summarizes Key Messages of the Report on: the returns to investing in health; achieving a "grand convergence" in global health (i.e. reducing avertable infectious, maternal, and child deaths to universally low levels worldwide); curbing non-communicable diseases and injuries; and reaching universal health coverage through pathways that protect the poor from the outset ("progressive universalism").

Policy Brief 1 (French | Spanish) is a 2-page summary of Achieving a Grand Convergence in Health. The 2035 convergence goals are summarized as "16-8-4"—reducing under-5 mortality to 16 per 1,000 livebirths, reducing annual AIDS deaths to 8 per 100,000 population and reducing annual TB deaths to 4 per 100,000 population. The brief lays out the opportunities for both national governments and the international community to support the achievement of these convergence goals.

Policy Brief 2 (French | Spanish) is a 2-page summary of The Returns to Investing in Health. The Global Health 2035 report estimated these returns using "full income" approaches. These approaches attempt to capture the "intrinsic" value of better health (i.e. the value of health in and of itself), which is likely to be a multiple of its "instrumental" value (i.e., the benefits resulting from improved productivity). The brief shows that the returns to investing health as estimated using full income approaches are impressive.

Policy Brief 3 (French | Spanish) is a 2-page summary of Curbing Non-Communicable Diseases and Injury. The brief lays out packages of cost-effective population-based and clinical interventions that could reduce premature illness and death from NCDs and injuries. It argues that taxes (e.g. on cigarettes and alcohol) are a very powerful, yet under-used, lever for reducing the worldwide incidence of these conditions and for raising new revenue that can be used on health spending.

Policy Brief 4 is a 2-page summary of the Opportunities for Low- and Middle- Income Countries. Global Health 2035 is a global vision, but will ultimately be realized at the national level. This brief outlines the investment framework for national governments to meet the goals of a grand convergence, curbing non-communicabel diseases and injuries, and achieving universal health care coverage.

Policy Brief 5 (Arabic) is a 2-page summary of the Opportunities for the International Community. Global Health 2035 is a call to action that identifies key opportunities for international collective action to support a grand convergence, major reductions in non-commicable diseases and injuries and the promise of universal health care coverage.