India's domestic health investments

India’s economic growth over the past decades has been tremendous, but while progress on some health outcomes has also been impressive the country continues to reflect some of the world’s poorest health statistics. Public spending on health in India is also lower than many countries in the region, at just over 1% of GDP. There are opportunities now for India to achieve dramatic gains in health – a new national health insurance program is being designed, and a strong national health policy will be finalized this year.

The CIH and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) hosted a launch event for Global Health 2035 in New Delhi in February 2015. We are continuing to work with the PHFI and the Gates Foundation to support new analytical work building an investment case for health and outlining strategies for mobilizing domestic resources to support the implementation of these promising health policies.

Global Health 2035 India launch

Dean Jamison
February 2 2015
Presentation to representatives from the Ministry of Health, international agencies, and Indian civil society organizations and academics.

Journal Articles

Trends in State-Level Child Mortality, Maternal Mortality, and Fertility Rates in India

October 2016