Bill Gates urges action to save 34 million lives, using Global Health 2035 data

May 12, 2015

Bill Gates has an important message for you. By expanding access to health interventions and tools already in our toolkit, we can prevent 34 million deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis, and maternal fatalities. In a recent piece for Quartz, Mr. Gates shares data from the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health's Global Health 2035 report and encourages readers to join the Global Citizen worldwide campaign.

A series of blogs in gatesnotes presents the evidence in even greater detail and put the numbers in context.  Must reads, in our opinion!

How to Save 3 Million Moms

What if someone told you that for the next 9 days, every single woman who gives birth—no matter where on Earth she lives—would die during her delivery?

What Would You Do to Save Paris?

Imagine you found out that a plague was going to wipe out the entire population of Paris tomorrow—all 10 million people. Obviously you would want the world to do everything possible to save their lives.

An AIDS Number That's Almost Too Big to Believe

When I talk to friends about global health, I often run into a strange paradox. The idea of saving one person's life is profound and thrilling. But I've found that when you talk about saving millions of lives—it sounds almost meaningless. The higher the number, the harder it is to wrap your head around.

Global Health 2035 shows that within a generation, we can achieve a grand convergence in global health. With the right investments, we can reduce maternal, child, and infectious disease deaths to universal low levels. Share these resources within your network to help spread the word on the dramatic gains that are possible.